Research Summary: For the upcoming Cairo conference

This research explains basic ideas about an educational issue that we can summarize with the following ideas:
We need to combine the old and modern methods of education based on modern technologies.
Because of the importance of each educational method, and because their positive interdependence achieves the long-term goal.
This was approved by Assistant Professor Zia Awaid Al-Arnousi, in his book Education Mix, p. 112, where he knew by saying:
-Blended learning is one of the types or levels of e-learning, through which different means of communication are used, including direct delivery, self-learning and communication via the Internet
Is a combination of regular education and the use of various educational techniques, which gives the teacher the use of communication techniques in the classroom?
This requires the restructuring and formulation of systematic educational content, in order to be compatible with the medium and goal in a successful integration manner.
[hide]On the other hand, through family and school follow-up, the high proportion of the use of technical means, in a wise manner, will cause isolation and introversion of the student, and stay away from the real reality.
We need to strengthen the scientific experiential reality of school, based on techniques such as telecommuting first and on A useful research method, and a textbook as a reference.
We may know that what is caused by excessive use of educational techniques, will lead to the difficulty of educational evaluation in some respects, so that the communication remotely, and through applications is like a thick wall, leads to the lack of knowledge of the real level of the student, the existence of information available on the Internet, which are sometimes rather than a memory exercise and support activities at school.
This requires a quality of teachers who can mix strongly between the two important methods, So that the strengthening and practice of the student to shed and borrow the role of the teacher, and the debate, as two components are detailed and necessary to install the lesson, And to assign the responsible administration to review the process of the methodology, to accurately recalculate it, and to try to achieve a real balance in educational behavior, We are in a time when we need to get their faces out of the screen not to engage them, It is therefore necessary to focus on the process of interactive learning innovation in the lesson, so that the student is strongly attracted, through the methods of mixing, need intelligence.
This qualitative leap of knowledge factor, which at the beginning was a cultural shock, which was not accompanied by a high level of proficiency in the Arabic language, obligates us to search for its practical results by following up on its successful upward use through positive use.
How can we benefit strongly from those techniques to strengthen the Arabic language?
Did it lead to an urgent desire for the new generation to search for our true, authentic heritage?
If the answer is no. We have to review our educational methods again, and content, and the rehabilitation of the teacher modern, to adapt and reconcile the traditional and modern methods.
If the answer is yes, then we can strengthen the methods that have succeeded and have led to the upgrading of the Arabic language we seek.