Who am I?
I'm a congresswoman promoted through the promotion of the couch.
I'm the slut who had relationships out of marriage with several men.
I'm the one who had an illegitimate son with an Islamist leader.
I am the méconnue who wants to make a name by méprisant a language that has crossed the centuries
I'm the trash from the algerian school.
I am the fruit of an educational system that has transmitted the bedouin culture from a middle east.
I'm the one who sits at the apn, for 30 million I agreed to be the puppet of power
I am the pseudo politician who preaches polygamy
I am the mother of a boy who refuses to return to Algeria and he lives without papers in Germany, despite all my speeches about nationalism
I am head of a political party that sits in no city hall.
I am decadence, I am the lost dream of the fis
I am the anger of the Islamic state that has not been able to establish itself in Algeria.
I am algeria déracinée, Algeria so wanted to be arabisé
Le Peuple Amazigh ( Berbère)'s post