Why the Author compose only one book. ???


It's hard to writing the biography quite correct.
If we considered the text like a Novel.
It is hard to write a biography when it is involved in novel writing.
It is not easy to talk about our life in a novel.
We can change attitudes in real life to become interesting in the novel

Can we written all the details of our life?
Is it useful to always write about our lives in our books?

why the .Author compose only one book??

It is also the most difficult of literary arts.

Third,Some writers make of themselves as heroes.
.The author always enters the mind of his heroes, always we see it
this is abig mistake, it has to understand every character speaks about accurately.

Fourth: the author always puts something of his life in his texts. And his thought again in his novels.
However, try to stay away of it.

My father in law said:
.Author compose only one book.

Because his mark and thought is evident and clear in all his books ..
Fifth: When you begin to read any book..
Of the species you prefer.
The writer will always know from the first pages of his book, which means that he is distinguished and has a clear literary identity.