If you seek truth without artifice on Mars exploration, then you've come to the right place. Below are the results to date of my research into the visual evidence provided by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) satellite circling the planet Mars.

Be aware that NASA administratively oversees this space program, JPL designed and operates the MGS vehicle, and Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) designed and operates the MGS Mars Onboard Camera (MOC) systems, receives the data downstream, processes it, and releases it as finished images to the scientific community and the public. Unless otherwise noted, all of my discoveries are sourced from the more than 57,500 official original NASA/JPL/MSSS images available at MSSS's http://www.msss.com web site.

My visual evidence presented here is the result of extensive professional investigative objective research and qualifies as HARD SCIENTIFICALLY REPEATABLE EVIDENCE supported by NASA/JPL/MSSS's own official original MOC source material that American tax dollars have paid for. Not one of my images has been subjected to "artful" manipulation or changes in any way. I am a professional investigator with 30+ years experience and thoroughly understand the importance and need to maintain the integrity of the evidence record. Under the "Commentary" section below, read my challenge to the Government and Scientific community as to proving the validity of my image evidence.

On the other hand, all commentary, speculation, and conclusions here are mine alone and not in any way supported by NASA, JPL, MSSS or anyone else including this web site. Many of you will see different things in these images than I do and that's okay because there should always be room for differing views. It at least shows that thinking is occurring. But NASA and much of the traditional scientific community so intricately tied to them may label my material here as wild and irresponsible. On the contrary, while this evidence here may well be provocative, it is the most truthful, objective, and accurate available to the public on this planet today not bound by secrecy and the need to protect reputations.

While my commentary represents my own interpretation of this evidence based on my now fairly extensive experience with this official MOC data, my own images are irrefutably and unquestionably 100% objective and genuine hard evidence. Further, I am prepared to prove it so conclusively. Ultimately, History will be the final judge and that's fine with me.

On Sunday December 9, 2001, from 7-9 PM Eastern, our guests, Jeffrey McCann and Patrick Skipper will examine the latest images from the Mars Observer that they say include a forest of vegetation, Huge Fungi at the South Pole, "Camouflaged Domes", a Water Hole, and a "Hidden City on the Bluffs".

نقره لتكبير أو تصغير الصورة ونقرتين لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة بحجمها الطبيعي