Research Summary: For the upcoming Cairo conference

This research explains basic ideas about an educational issue that we can summarize with the following ideas:
We need to combine the old and modern methods of education based on modern technologies.
Because of the importance of each educational method, and because their positive interdependence achieves the long-term goal.
This was approved by Assistant Professor Zia Awaid Al-Arnousi, in his book Education Mix, p. 112, where he knew by saying:
-Blended learning is one of the types or levels of e-learning, through which different means of communication are used, including direct delivery, self-learning and communication via the Internet
Is a combination of regular education and the use of various educational techniques, which gives the teacher the use of communication techniques in the classroom?
This requires the restructuring and formulation of systematic educational content, in order to be compatible with the medium and goal in a successful integration manner.