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    Traveling to a Neutral Country

    Traveling to a Neutral Country
    The young man sat down beside him and near his table, after a hard search for someone who welcomes his presence, appreciates his harsh psychological condition, and able to listen. Followed his legs to where he was, although he hates seeing him around, not because of his dissatisfaction, but out of fear of exposing his hidden personality in front of others, that might cut his heart by depression and oppression. But could not prevent him or push him away, due to the close friendship with his father, and it was not out of courtesy or morals to do so. Sat down and went on talking without interruption, in any subject that came up to his mind. It was as if and for long time, he was not able untie his tongue. So he was giving his outputs on any topic or word that might be thrown by any passing person, even if it was a jock or an atmosphere ease up. Speaking as a wise man or a provisional doctor, describing the disease and giving the medicine.

    The young man was not so, when he met him the first time, he was a flame of activities and diligence. So he was wondering, from where a son of a wealthy and rich, all that love and dedication to work?! Beside his unprecedented continued care for his university studies. That has encouraged his father, and as a reward for his efforts, gave him the responsibility of one of his business locations. Even get him married, to be able to focus on the job, and reaps the fruits of his success, triggering his ambition.

    It was not long for the young ambitious man to change, and turned his life upside down. Started suddenly and without any introductions, which made who knew him closely, wondering why this great drifting towards the abyss?! No one knew the reason for that sudden change, his father did not discus his condition, or talked about it, out of fear for his son's feelings, and hiding his own. Some far from the eyes of the father, and behind his ears, have discussed the reasons for that, and have given several possibilities. One which was the weight of the responsibility entrusted to him, which made him unable to carry out its duties well. Therefore he has fallen toward the perigee, and caused his counterproductive reaction, that made him retreated to inside himself and away from seriousness, hard work and diligence.

    This might be one of the reasons but not all, that he has sensed during his talking with the young man, there are things more deep and with broader impact. During the beginning of his depressing, he was pressurizing his father, to give him some work with some conditions like - the presence of a table with a computer – an elegant car suits his social standard – and a good salary consistent with the a wealthy son's pocket money. His father was trying to ease up his crisis, assigning some light work to him. But after that deterioration of his situation, and the difficulty to control him, the father could not delegate anything to him for the fear of him and to him. After that he was presenting his claims to whomever he has seen in front of him, who does not have any authorization.

    The impact of the young man cocoon, did not stop with his disinclination from the practical life, but has made his wife to request for a divorce, after having failed to correct him to return to the right path. She could not accept a person like him, with no interest in working, or finding the sustenance for him and his dependents. So the divorce was the (Straw that has broken the camel's back) as said. This has coincided with the amazing retreat in his studies and knowledge collection, forcing the university to stop him for some school semesters, so he might woke up and feel how bad his case has grown (but there is no life in whom you are calling). With the exacerbation of the problems and calamities allover him, and the worsening of his psychological condition, he could not find away to run from his worries but to resort to the hubble-bubble. He was absorbing its poison, and inhaling its smoke, so he might forget his psychological case, and miserable condition.

    Inadvertently have forgotten the presence of the young man for some time, they have went on talking about some young people, who like to avoid work and working life. But what has alerted them to his presence, only his comment as if it was related to the subject: I would like to go to a neutral country!? He left what was on his hands, and directed the question to him with astonishment, asking him his concept of a neutral country?! He knew he has no consciousness of what he was saying, and the concept is far away from what was going in his head. As if he was giving a lecture, or presenting a new scientific concept, looking at the ceiling above them, like someone looking for something between the clouds, and said a country where there is no work!

    Then their talking was cut off by the entry of someone, requesting some assistance. The young man has withdrawn
    himself away from them the way he came in, without provoking any noise or disturbance. He was rescued by the entry of that person; and stopped any further psychological pain has over come him. His leaving also has stopped any more uncovering the of his interior self, or exposing of the true essence of his personality in front of others. He has left, leaving him with anguish and broken heart. So thinking has taken him away, looking for a plan to deliver the idea of (to bee seen by a psychologist) to his father, so he might find a solution for psychological case and problematic life. But talking to his father, with such a subject is not ease thing. How he could accept the idea (that his son needs special medical care)?! Written by: Hussein Noah Mashamea

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    I welcome you and the first ****
    The story drew theoretical treatment of the situation as we see Velvet class ...
    , But left the question of a great story ....
    Is marriage is the one who left this deterioration?
    Or are the circumstances surrounding?
    Or more involvement of luxury?
    Although the narrative story
    Broadcast obsession years suffered by a large part of our modern
    Greetings to you

    نقره لتكبير أو تصغير الصورة ونقرتين لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة بحجمها الطبيعي
    ( ليس عليك أن يقنع الناس برأيك ،، لكن عليك أن تقول للناس ما تعتقد أنه حق )

    يارب: إذا اعطيتني قوة فلاتأخذ عقلي
    وإذا أعطيتني مالا فلا تأخذ سعادتي
    وإذا أعطيتني جاها فلا تأخذ تواضعي
    لم يكن لقطعة الفأس أن تنال شيئا ً من جذع الشجرة ِ لولا أن غصنا ً منها تبرع أن يكون مقبضا ً للفأس .

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